Transgenic Research , 25, (4), 453-463, 2016, 0962-8819, Dordrecht, Netherlands.
Han ShiWen; Zou ShiYing; He XiaoYun; Huang KunLun; Mei XiaoHong;

Potential subchronic food safety of the stacked trait transgenic maize GH5112E-117C in Sprague-Dawley rats.

The food safety of stacked trait genetically modified (GM) maize GH5112E-117C containing insect-resistance gene Cry1Ah and glyphosate-resistant gene G2-aroA was evaluated in comparison to non-GM Hi-II maize fed to Sprague-Dawley rats during a 90-day subchronic feeding study. Three different dietary concentrations (12.5, 25 and 50%, w/w) of the GM maize were used or its corresponding non-GM maize. No biologically significant differences in the animals' clinical signs, body weights, food consumption, hematology, clinical chemistry, organ weights and histopathology were found between the stacked trait GM maize groups, and the non-GM maize groups. The results of the 90-day subchronic feeding study demonstrated that the stacked trait GM maize GH5112E-117C is as safe as the conventional non-GM maize Hi-II.

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animal models; clinical aspects; feeding; food safety; genes; genetic engineering; genetic transformation; genetically engineered organisms; glyphosate; herbicides; histopathology; maize; medicine; models; pesticide resistance; pesticides; transgenic plants; transgenics; weeds;
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Animal and human health;
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